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Mama's Microwave Peanut Birttle

Y'all, I'm not one for breaking out the Christmas music and candy canes before Thanksgiving, but let me tell you, my mama's Peanut Brittle... mmmmhmmmm! I just couldn't wait. I loooooove my mom's brittle and I didn't even know she cooked it in the microwave. For real, the flipping microwave y'all.

All I did was mention peanut brittle and this big honkin' cookbook descended from the heavens. Ok, so it was only her cookbook shelf, but whatev.
This book is busting at the seams of all of my mom's top recipes. Hey sis, I got dibs on this thing, mkay? Here is the recipe. I hope it isn't some top secret 411 since I'm sharing it with all of you!
All you do is mix all the ingredients minus the baking soda and the vanilla. Put it in the microwave for 3 minutes. Stir. 3 more minutes. Stir. 3 more minutes. I know the recipe says 12-14 minutes but it only took 9 in our microwave. Thankfully she and I have the same microwave so I don't have to burn the first batch to know just how long to cook it.
After your give or take 9 minutes are up, you mix in the baking soda and vanilla and spread it out on a baking sheet sprayed with cooking spray.
Then you sit it outside on the porch in the cold weather to let it cool and break it into small pieces.
I'm serious! You if you like brittle, you have to tr this recipe! What is your favorite holiday treat? I'm pretty sure mine is Peanut Brittle with Peanut Butter Fudge as a close second... or is it Chocolate Fudge? Or Haystacks? Check out the link parties where I'm sharing this great recipe this week!

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