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The making of a fall display... Part 1

This IS NOT the finished product! Keep reading...

It's so hard for me to drag the Autumn leaves and the pumpkins out of the attic with it still being 98 degrees, but I figured I needed to keep with the times and get movin' on it.

I emptied off the buffet in our dining room to start with a clean palette. I always seem to struggle with varying heights and can't ever seem to make it look balanced yet not symmetrical. For some reason, symmetrical design typically makes me crazy. If it doesn't have the same affect on you, consider yourself lucky!

So I started with a huge red circle mirror I picked up at a yard sale to start my display. It's size really helps anchor the space. Then I added a lamp to fill in the opposite side. To connect t he two, I added a landscape canvas (Don't you just want some fresh squeezed lemonade now? It was all I had 16x20 handy for scale.), 2 candle holders, a few pumpkins and a vase filled with branches. Once I had my design how I wanted it, I started painting, wrapping and gluing to get it perfect for the upcoming fall season.

Check back to see more of the progress! I'm going to do a few mini-posts on some of the transformations before the big reveal. I'm excited to see how it's coming along.

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