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Bathroom Update Part 2

We are on Day 12 of the bathroom renovation and my poor hands feel like sandpaper, everything in our home has a nice grayish tint because of the drywall dust and we still aren't done.

So far we have torn everything out to the studs, rewired all the light fixtures and plugs, added an extra light fixture over the tub and an extra plug over the vanity, replaced the plumbing to the toilet, vanity and shower, replaced the drywall, replaced the tub and toilet, and have began tiling the floor and shower walls.

Demo was easy-peasy... and fun!

Re-wiring wasn't too bad, unless you ask my mom who was crawling around in our attic on her belly on insulation.

The drywall has been a booger. No wall in our home is square or plumb so it's been a ton of mudding, drying and sanding. I'm almost done with that except for a outside corner that is dealing me fits.

The toilet... oh the toilet. My dad gave me a toilet that he replaced in his home that was nicer than the existing toilet so we decided to use it. I'm just going to share our business here because it's too funny not to! I don't know if it is psychological or what but when you don't have a toilet available, you have to go... a lot. So, I'd like to make my formal apology and sincerest thanks to McDonald's, Dairy Queen, Walmart and Chevron right here. We wouldn't have made it without you! Once we got the Hardibacker and tile glued and grouted
we were able to set the new toilet and after fixing a few small leaks, we were in business

Today we started tiling the shower walls. I had this bright idea to lay them on point rather that square.

After making 97 cuts, I quickly decided that the 2 side walls will be on point and the center wall will be staggered like the floor tiles. I think it looks good together. Just a little something out of the ordinary .

I managed to get the center wall completely done and my mom finished up 1 side wall and started the end wall. Tomorrow I am going to grout it. I can't wait to see what it looks like after that. It always looks messy and off until the grout is in.

I painted a small area the color I bought for the walls. I'm not sold on it. I wish I had a picture that shows the actual color. I'm struggling with it riding the line of calm, rich, warm blue and 1989 country kitchen blue. I hate picking paint colors because I never feel like I get it just right. I just don't know.

So, still on the project list...
Finish tiling walls & floor
Finish drywall
Install beadboard
Install vanity
Install vanity light
Replace vanity faucet
Install shower faucet
Trim work

(((Sigh))) I'm counting the days until I can sit in that pretty tub and relax in a bubble bath.

I can't wait to have it all done so I can start doing more fun things, like accessorizing and working on all my Christmas projects. Stick with me guys! I promise the bathroom will end (I hope!) and I'll be crafting up some really cute things shortly.

Staci  – (November 21, 2010 at 11:27 PM)  

Please don't apologize for remodeling and not crafting. We'll be taking the plunge into homeownership in a couple years so I'm finding your journey to a new bathroom fascinating.

I feel your pain with choosing paint colors. I have the same problem!

Cathy @ The Far Fifty  – (November 22, 2010 at 7:53 AM)  

Oh wow, I remember our bathroom reno. It's our only bathroom so it was definitely a challenge! It looks good so far, I hope it doesn't take you as long as ours did!

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