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The Christmas/Winter Buffet

I totally missed the boat on having this post ready for all the great parties that happened last week. Something about finishing the bathroom kept getting in my way. I guess, if it's still not 12/25 though I'm not technically late... am I? It's so unlike me to not have my halls decked and my tree trimmed on the Saturday after Thanksgiving but I just couldn't make it happen this year. To NEVER let this happen again, I put on my calendar for 11/1/2011 "DO NOT START ANY MAJOR PROJECTS UNTIL AFTER 1/1." I finally got around to putting up our tree, although it still doesn't have anything on it other than the topper and some ribbon, and our buffet decorated.

Since I have bought myself a new computer, a TV for the living room, a miter saw and a million other little things,I had to do it on the free. No cheap here, gotta be free. So I went rummaging through the attic and the basement and found the things I needed to turn our buffet from this fall get up

to this Christmas number.

I added a burlap runner on the top because the buffet may or may not have a few scratches. I left the books, the lamp, the candle holders and the round mirror. I added a large wreath layered on top of the mirror.

I found the big star, the finial thingymabob

and the reindeer
at yard sales and had them in my stash of "I might use this one day crap!"

I robbed a silver frame from on top of the fridge

and added a few balls,

sparkly picks and snowflake ornaments to fill in the gaps.

I have a touch of anxiety that it doesn't have any red in it but I just can't make red work in the dining room. I'm saving that for the living room and kitchen. I'll be showing you those a bit later.

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!

Megan  – (December 12, 2010 at 4:43 PM)  

I wish I had that type of stash in my house! I never find good items like that at garage sales.... guess my daughter and I need to start getting out more! I think it looks great for finding everything in your house!! I love the colors and the touch of light green with the sparkly ornament.

Kara B. Oliver  – (December 12, 2010 at 7:54 PM)  

I've decided that on MY 2011 calendar...I'm going to write: I vow to be more like Kristy and let out my inner creative diva that I KNOW I am...and make you proud.

M.O.T.B  – (December 13, 2010 at 10:36 AM)  

Looks gorgeous! I love grabbing stuff at yard sales in the heat of summer and using them for Christmas, it's called insight!

Cheryl  – (December 13, 2010 at 7:25 PM)  

Love your buffet. You really have a talent for putting together vignettes. LOL, can you come over and do mine. I think yours looks great especially since you used everthing you had already.

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