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Remember Me?

Oh. My. Geez. I've missed blogging and all my pretty followers! We have been working around the clock to get the bathroom finished and I'm so excited to say... It's almost done! I got to take my first shower in almost 4 weeks last night and it was wonderful! No, you sickos! I've been having to take baths and I hate them. I'm a once a month bath kind of girl.

Today we are going to hang the crown molding, do a little more trim work and begin the deep clean. Apparently, I've dropped a few blobs of mud, dripped a little paint and got messy grouting so I think I'll be spending a ton of time on my knees scrubbing the floor here shortly.

I L.O.V.E. how everything has turned out! Everything is new, clean, crisp and relaxing... well, at least it will be once the ladder, the tools and all the random screws and paint cans are outta there.

I'm hoping to get it finished today, and put a dent in the rest of the house cleaning. The miter saw is set up in the living room so everything is covered in dust. Our dining room was transformed into our tool barn and the kitchen was used as a holding spot for all our materials. Needless to say, it's been hard living through construction. But we did it. We had fun. We laughed a lot. I almost cried once or twice. But very soon, it will all be over and we'll have a beautiful new bathroom to enjoy!

I hate to post without photos, but it's just too close to complete to show you progress now! So, you'll just have to come back to check it out!

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