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April 27, 2011 a day I will never forget!

My hometown of Pleasant Grove, AL (and many surrounding communities) were ravaged by an outbreak of tornadoes on 4/27/11. The majority of this community was torn apart in 9 seconds leaving only mountains of debris, furniture, walls, floors, everything that makes a home. Many lives have been lost and much much more property has been destroyed. It is uncomprehendable the devastation that is right out side of the door of the house I was raised in, the streets I rode my bike down and the neighbors who have lost all. My heart is heavy for those people and their families. The long road to recovery has begun, but I am sure it will be years before the memories of 4/27/11 will fade and the reminders of this devastating day has gone away.

We are unsure when power will be restored so until I can fire up my sewing machine and my glue gun, I will be doing all I can to serve the people of my community.

Please keep the Great State of Alabama in your thoughts and prayers.

With love,

Liz Marie  – (May 1, 2011 at 5:27 PM)  

I am so sorry that you and all the others have to go through this hard time. I live in NC so I lived in fear because they headed straight for us. I hope that power gets restored soon.. Know that you are all in our prayers.. -Liz

Kelli  – (May 2, 2011 at 1:24 PM)  

I'm in Ttown and was (thankfully) out of harm's way. So grateful for that, yet deeply saddened by all the loss that surrounds us. Our power has returned, yet my sewing mojo has left for now. Hopefully AL Power will work their magic for you and yours very soon. In the meantime, is there anything you need? I know we are strangers but I feel your pain. Stay strong!

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