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Laundry Bag... meet the seam ripper.

Apparently some boutique donated a ton of new, really cute, monogrammed and personalized items to the thrift store recently. They had tons of laundry bags, aprons, laptop cases, tote bags.

I picked up this laundry bag.

It would be great if I was an Ole Miss fan... but I'm not.

So Laundry Bag... meet the seam ripper.

I picked out the applique patch in about 2 minutes and you can't even tell it was there.

I don't have anything against navy and white polka dots but it needed something more. I grabbed this piece of blue fabric from my scrap bag and ironed on some of this Ultra Heat N' Bond by the package directions.

Then cut out a cute little K with my Cricut. Cricut, will you marry me? You are so neat and efficient and make me smile.

I know the package of Heat N' Bond says "No Sew" but I decided to do it anyway. I'm a rebel like that. It wasn't super easy to do and my lines aren't exactly what you would call straight but it works. In hindsight, I could have put the monogram at the top to make it a little easier to top stitch around the letter.

Isn't it cute? This will be perfect for traveling when you have a weeks worth of dirty laundry to get back home. It's much better than the typical Glad bag that I
usually transport dirty laundry in.

Don't let a little monogramming scare you off from a thrift store/yard sale item! Most of the time it can be picked out and be as good as new again!

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Krishna  – (February 2, 2011 at 11:10 AM)  

Very cute! To get monogramming out of something you can get hair clippers (the ones they buzz guys heads with) & on the back of the garment cut the threads & the threads will pull right out. I have been buying monogrammed clothing at consignment sales for my girls for $4 or less for big name designers & taking out the monogramming & remonogramming them!

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