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Paper Flowers

I volunteered to make paper flowers for my son's class for their Valentines Party to give as a gift to their moms. Other than it taking FOR-EVA to make 80 flowers, they have turned out so cute! I really can't believe how real they look from a distance. I'm making 80 so that each child can pick 4 to wrap up in a piece of green tissue paper and tie them with raffia with a little love note!

If you don't know how to make these, here is a quick tutorial for you.

Buy coordinating tissue paper. I got a few packs of bright colors, pastels and a pack of some really cute striped and polka dotted papers just to be fun. I got them at the dollar store too! Yay for el cheapo!

I called the scissor nazi to make sure that it was okay for me to use my rotary cutter on this paper. My mom would
stab someone
fuss for using fabric scissors to cut paper. She gave me her blessing so that was a HUGE timesaver.

I opened the packages but left them folded the way they came. I got them lined up straight and cut them in about 5" sections. Don't measure... Just cut them.

Then I took those sections and cut off both edges so that all the pieces would be separated.

Then you take 5 pieces and stack them up neatly. Don't stress if they aren't all exactly the same. If you want your flower to have leaves around the base, put a green sheet on the bottom. Then accordion fold them in about 1/2-3/4" sections.

Now, get a pipe cleaner and wrap it around the flattened accordion. Make sure if you put a green piece on the bottom that it is on the bottom. Twist it pretty tightly so it doesn't get loose and wiggle.

Here is where you can get a little creative. You can cut the ends rounded off and make it look like a rose, or you can not cut and it will look more like a carnation, or you can cut them in a V shape and they will look like... umm... a cute flower. In this sample, I just rounded them off.

Then just start separating the layers pulling them to the middle. Then you can fluff them a little bit.

Um, C-U-T-E! These would be so cute for an informal baby/wedding shower or for a little girls tea party or princess party.

These remind me of those super bright flowers they always sell in the grocery store.

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Heather  – (February 9, 2011 at 3:58 PM)  

Martha Stewart made some real fancy tissue paper flowers on her show the other day. She dipped the folded tissue paper in bleach, and the graduated colors made her tissue paper peonies and poppies look very real.

I can't believe you made so many! I bet the moms will love them...somehow you've got to namedrop that you made these beauties! :)

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